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Hector Christie, at Both Sides of the Tweed


This site, in every sense, is about Travel that doesn’t Cost the Earth. More about that later.

This is only place on this site where you’ll encounter the first person singular.  I’ve written the rest of it in the third person as it lends a bit of personal distance, which I need, as otherwise it all feels embarrassingly like bigging oneself up. That probably tells you more about my approach than you’ll find anywhere in the “Biog” section, which is more of a factual/chronological approach (and which you can freely skip over if you’ve no interest - no offence taken).

Why provide a site at all?  In short to let people know I’m here. I’ve been exhibiting photographic work quite a bit recently, as well as setting up new travel projects, and have had questions asked about why I didn’t have a website, so here we are.

You may have picked up a card with my website address, or come to it through a travel, culture or music link. Whatever the case, plunge in and enjoy the whole thing.

It does have a thoughtful side when I talk about sustainable tourism, but it doesn’t get all po-faced on you, and maybe the best way to think about this side of travel, rather than a string of “-isms,” is simply as ‘Travel that Doesn’t Cost the Earth’.


Hector Christie





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