Beach in Winter

Snow Surfer





Hector has had a longstanding interest in photography, which because of other pressures has taken a back seat. Hector now lives on the edge of a Nature park and two minutes walk away from one of the most stunning beaches in Scotland, where the light, moods and the vistas are never the same on two successive days.

Much of his work arises from the inspiration of the coastline, but he has begun to carry out his work further afield. He is attracted to the odd, the eccentric, and the way things look when they decay, whether it is a disused fishing boat or a rundown colonial building slipping back in time through neglect. He also likes looking with a camera at the everyday, the otherwise mundane, and whether it is a rock on the seashore or brambles growing over a paint blistered door, in an attempt to liberate images that brings colour and texture to the fore, causing you to register that which is otherwise so often overlooked.

The Headland

Finisterre Beach

Mexican Ceiling


Tate Modern

Beach in Winter

Snow Surfer

War Graves in Belgium




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