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Whilst his writing often adopts a light hearted approach, Hector Christie does take on board the dilemmas facing modern travellers. A recent piece for “Living Tradition” affectionately lampooning folk music/film festivals by comparing them and their more absurd aspects is an example; what is relevant is that this piece came to mind in Cannes as part of a three month trip through France in a small motorhome . Taking less trips, but of longer duration is one way of reducing carbon footprints, and motorhoming is one of the more eco-friendly ways to travel. When long distance makes this way of travelling impractical, using local transport and accommodation  (and checking out the work of local artisans), is a “closer to the ground” approach that not only helps sustainability-the idea that tourism can enhance rather than despoil destinations- but it often leads to encountering people,tastes,sights and sounds that could otherwise be missed. One picture on this page shows the possible costs of tourism: the pelicans and fishermen in the small bay in Zihuatanejo are under threat from the proposed extension of cruise ships in that area.

“Travel that doesn’t cost the earth,” might sound a pious slogan, but for a travel writer it’s a good ‘un not just for altruistic reasons, but as a strategy for getting to grips with the nitty gritty of a place.





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