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Hector Christie is a freelance writer based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and has been extensively published in professional journals on mental health topics. A decade ago he made his final contribution in this field, with his chapter to the book, “Dingleton Hospital —The Story of a Community.”

In 2000 he wrote an account of a series of treks in China as part of a group led by writer and broadcaster Muriel Gray. “On the Great Wall” was published by the magazine “Scottish Nurse”, and marked a change in direction, since when he has written mainly on the subjects of travel, outdoor life and music.

He is a member of the International Travel Writers Association and has been published in the 'Living Tradition' magazine, 'Direct Roots' and 'Mature Times' and has an article due for publication in the 'Scots Magazine'. With co-author Roger Smith, he wrote the walking guide book ,'In the Path of the Poets'. His passion for travel, outdoor life and music has led him to make numerous television and radio appearances and leading a number of projects for VisitScotland. This in turn has led to him becoming the subject of an article 'With a Song in his Feet' by feature writer Jim Gilchrist for national newspaper 'The Scotsman.

In 2006 he paid his first visit to Mexico, and the fondness that developed for that country (see section on Teaching) made it necessary to timetable follow-up visits to there, and Europe (including Eastern Europe and a walking stint on the Pilgrims route to Santiago de Compostella) to fit with a return to college to study Spanish to a more advanced level

In his travel writing, whilst Hector agrees with James Michener that “ if you reject the food, ignore the customs fear the religion, and avoid the people, you might better stay at home” he thinks this equally applicable to “short breakers” as well as the more heroic types of endeavour. He believes that travel writing threatens to inundate with advice on where to go, and that it too rarely considers why we go and how we might become more fulfilled by doing so. He seeks this thread whether he is describing walking in China, (2000), or on the Way of St James, (2007), teaching in Guadalajara (2006), or more recently spoofing the beautiful people at the Cannes Film Festival,(2009).

He is a designated contact person for the organisation Projects Abroad (formerly Teaching and Projects Abroad), and a travelling ambassador for the “Living Tradition”





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